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Who in the "high absorption charge phone" incident lying

Sounds for the hang up, call back the past, he incurs less high Huafei ... ... the past few days, "the high absorption charge phone" by the network transmission and rendering, rapid fermentation in the crowd, diffusion. In fact, most mobile phone users, are frequently received inexplicable missed call, then anger, and even scary.

April 17, the Ministry of Industry and finally opened his way: After much investigation, the high cost of basic non-existent possibility of absorption, which is marketing the so-called lawless elements for the group call equipment, made fraudulent use of the Internet propaganda, the public should be Beware fooled.

According to Tianjin Communications Administration tracked, and online selling group call equipment in the equipment business contacts for the provision of a "smoking fee phone number" to call the test and found no production high deductions, and other requirements prepaid After the delivery of the equipment section, its behavior is similar to the previous telephone fraud.

Results of this investigation, the responsible Ministry of Industry and reminded by telephone suction that the situation back there is no possibility of basic, mainly certain lawless elements to promote the so-called group call equipment for fraudulent use of the Internet to do publicity, some of the media did not verified the report, reproduced, actually made for the lawless free of false advertising. Carter, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Command, said police anti-fraud expert Kim: "responsible Ministry of Industry and a fee of 65 smoke test numbers back the conclusions are not scientific, 'high suction fee' fraud does exist. "According to his many years of experience in the anti-fraud investigations, the phone rang soon as the aspiration of pegging fee fraud suspect groups and dens are concentrated in some cities in southern China, mostly illegal number" 15 "at the beginning.

While inside the self-proclaimed Zhang Wo De Deep Throat, is a communications business side of the competent authorities of the other side is the police anti-fraud experts, at first glance, the parties forward vigorously, consumers felt quite puzzled, in the end who to believe? One Jishu Shang not complex, "high suction fee telephone" problem, why would the authority of the department's "positive response" once they fall into a loss of "Rashomon" puzzle?

To ask this question, we must first understand what "sounds for phone." "Sounds for phone," the official name called "value-added business platform of pay", its mode of operation is this: through a device called a group of devices allocated automatically to mobile phone users dial "sounds for phone" appears in the user on the phone, usually an ordinary mobile phone number. Once back in this number, will be through one or more of the access switch, received higher pay phone outside, connected to a fee as high as several tens of dollars or even 100 yuan.

Now, "sounds for phone," no doubt have become a major nuisance, but embarrassing is that there is not even the right way to deal with. As a fraud, the public security departments go tube, but the public security departments to report to pursue the matter, and investigate only the case, can not fundamentally solve the problem. From the logic point of view, the most convenient for operators to investigate, but the operators did not investigate the power first, second, and these operators pay phone itself will split, split ratio is said to still high. So, let operators take the initiative to find ways to solve the problem, not the reality. Who is that in the end of the tube?

From the media "sounds for phone," reports the chain of interest, you can clearly see that repeated delays in monitoring the real reason, as the core institution of telecommunications services, mobile telecom service providers directly involved in the "sounds for phone" in the interests of the divided in: users are charged high the bill, in the interests of mobile operators and the top of the chain of service providers could be assigned to nearly 50% of all interests (March 25, "Harbin Daily"). It appears that "the people's mouth to eat soft, people took short-hand" is a bit too good. It is because of the existence of real economic benefits, mobile telecom operators only insincere, it is difficult to clearly illegal or suspected illegal to kill.

Such cases in the field of mobile telecommunications services is not uncommon. Prior to the issue of spam messages, carriers have an excuse to stall the technical issues. However, the central authority of the media exposure, it seems that all technical problems are gone, instantly effective against spam messages.

But now, telecom operators to provide solutions to the consumer received the phone, "Do not call back, send a message to confirm," and so on. But this is clearly unable to meet the public demands of corporate social responsibility. The public needs to know the contents of the at least include: telecom operators, in which commercial interests are involved? Attack "sounds for phone" is really the technical barrier? "Sounds for phone," the problem is already suspected of fraud? Call charges have been unlawfully deducted if should be doubled back to the consumer ... ...

No objective and impartial investigation, no convincing conclusion, the people will fall into "panic - question - anger - still panic," the vicious cycle of cognition. In accordance with previous media reports and insider Baoliao, "the high cost telephone smoking," why do it on their ways, because unscrupulous carriers involved in the spam messages and voice help desk company proceeds, in view of the state-owned monopoly telecom companies How can not but question? As for under the Ministry of Industry and hastily concluded, people naturally have to cross-examination, which is not in charge of the Lame, in strongly aside responsibility?

"You can deceive all the people some time, it can deceive some people all the time, but you can not deceive all the time all of the people." In the dissemination of information constantly Tou Ming, the Government is not only used to respond to public questions, it is particularly desirable as a management and decision-making to respond to question an indispensable part.

As for how to properly respond to public questions of this lesson, apparently government officials also need to learn a lot!

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Lead-Free: RoHS Directive maximum threshold?

July 1, the formal implementation of the EU RoHS directive, which marks the era of global lead-free electronics has come. Some experts even said that the EU RoHS directive is actually lead-free directive, as in the provision of six kinds of hazardous substances in the amount of lead in only the largest, known as the electronic industry, food, shows that lead-free electronic products can be able to across the EU RoHS directive critical threshold. Although China's household electrical appliance manufacturers have claimed to have achieved lead-free production, but experts have said the business information is incomplete, inaccurate, because lead-free is a systematic, not only is the product lead-free components, as well as welding process and process, not a word about all aspects of the constraints can be done.

Lead-free force costs by 20%

In the EU RoHS directive, the experts pointed out that the most critical is how to achieve lead-free, lead-free solder and flux of which is the electronics interconnection technology based materials, the field of electronic industry, "food substances", belonging to the middle of supporting products.

Lead-free solder before the tin alloy as solder materials have been used for thousands of years of history, which lead content of about 37%. In recent decades, with the increase in world output of electronics products, the annual production of solder on the rise every year. Taiwan for instance, in 2005 China's annual output of 10 tons solder than the nearly 18% in 2004, is expected to reach 15 million tons this year, market demand, annual growth rate of 15% -20%.

Is such an important accessory products, the EU RoHS directive can not be made of lead content of more than 1000 PPM, the former lead content in the alloy in a ratio of 37%, but then the ratio should not exceed one-thousandth. The country has also introduced earlier this year, China's RoHS directive, that is, "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Regulations", is also clear that the lead content of six kinds of hazardous substances.

The introduction of restrictions on law-related, no doubt so that domestic manufacturers and related lead-free solder electronics manufacturers have recognized the importance of lead-free, but according to Beijing Jin Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. of Dong Jingui Chairman introduced this year, despite the solder demand more than ten million tons, but the lead-free solder is only 45 million tons of output this year. Having said that, because the cost of lead-free solder than the average increase of 20% and therefore the lead-free solder Despite low production, but the gap between supply and demand is not great.

Interview some of the home appliances business, says that the current lead-free solder prior to purchase to meet the export requirements and domestic market products may slow a slow start, after all, "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control and Management Measures" to wait until next year, was first implemented in March.

Standards in order to solve the problem?

While with the knowledge about the development of our lead-free solder and developed rapidly, according to incomplete statistics, claimed that companies can produce lead-free solder in the 23 100 or so, but so many businesses, whether or not a unified technology standards to regulate and guide the work of lead-free solder?

It is understood that, in order to support the "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control and Management Measures" of the implementation of Ministry of Electronics Standardization Institute has made "lead-free solder systems engineering research" project, jointly lead-free solder R & D, production, use vendors conduct lead-free solder of the industrialization and standardization.

Lead-free solder to participate in the relevant standard-setting Mend chief engineer in the "China Electronics News" that reporters on the development of standards related to lead-free solders have been imminent, will not speak of the EU RoHS Directive has been implemented, China's "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Regulations, "Although only be implemented next year in March, but we must see the transformation of lead-free solders will be a result of systems engineering, not only solder in need of rehabilitation, as well as welding process and the process also needs reform, such as Wu Qian of welding high melting point melting point than usual, at least 35 degrees, if not transformation, affect the product's overall production.

There are also lead-free flux and supporting product development, etc., related to upstream, downstream, machine and other enterprises, to implement very long, certainly not 12 individual companies we have achieved such a lead-free production and management Simple.

A machine of anonymity says that the responsible person, the international, national lead of Qushi been unstoppable, Dan Popularization of machine companies lead the biggest problems in products is extensive, a total of 10,000 kinds of uses Ji components, suppliers of these components require a longer lead-free process.

Tens of thousands of lead-free devices with code conversion and certification work has been to the certification, materials, supporting, planning, purchasing, inventory, production, and technology and so great pressure. This complex situation, if there is no strong standards as a support, then the situation is really unthinkable.

To break through bottlenecks in the development of patent

We attach importance to lead-free technologies and standards, perhaps overlooked the lead-free intellectual property rights issues. Because lead-free electronic products has become an inevitable trend of world development, so over the past decade the development and application of lead-free solders have national attention. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and Japan Patent Office database to search information, lead-free solders have been more than 300 kinds of patents, which only released in Japan on nearly 200 kinds of patents, covering almost all the binary and ternary alloy consisting of elements Lead-free solder.

Mend said the situation means that if we could not have independent intellectual property rights developed lead-free solder, we lead the process in the future can only be controlled by others, not only technically, but also a further expenditure of patent fees.

In this case, our related companies have been early research and development in this area, and a breakthrough. In Beijing, Jin Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., for example, their lead-free solder alloy on the use of multiple approaches, and joined the rare earth elements, not only to ensure reliable welding degree, and a breakthrough in anti-oxidation, for which they have applied for a patent.

Taking into account the cost of lead-free solders, many companies have expressed willingness to use our proprietary lead-free solder, the reporter learned from the side, many manufacturers will be lead-free solders in recent years to expand production scale, as its market very large profit margins, according to experts, 1,000 tons of lead-free solder is about 100 million yuan in output value.

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Dell Digital denial distribution relationship with HP induced breakdown

May 6 morning news, for "Digital China for distribution of Dell home computer and was about to be repealed HP distribution rights," the rumors, Digital China has given an official denial yesterday, saying "the strategic relationship with HP has not changed" . HP and Dell did not comment on the news.

Digital China denies relationship with HP burst

Yesterday, news that HP will "reduce cooperation with Digital China", because the HP Digital computers in the distribution, while rival Hewlett-Packard recently began distribution - Dell home computer, the result is "HP very angry, "and reduce the co-operation" as punishment. "

According to the survey, this rumor originated from the April 22, when the anonymous user in an industry forum for the exchange of information on the post, said Dell home computer distributor Digital China, HP, "very angry, very serious consequences," "has started Digital destroy the agent of a home computer, Digital China is responsible for the original transfer to the Ingram area agency. "

In response to this rumor, Digital relevant people clearly said, "Digital China strategic partnership with HP has not changed, the two sides still maintain good cooperation."

Dell Digital China as a home computer distributors, primarily responsible for providing logistics platform and capital platform. Digital insiders say, God has code in April this year, the internal pledging conference announced the formation of a new department to the operation of Dell home computer.

Hewlett-Packard and Dell did not comment on the rumors.

HP, Dell, white-hot competition for channel

The three parties involved have, the most affected Digital China took the lead stand up "clarification", while the other two yet to comment, therefore, still can not determine whether HP is really the idea to repeal or reduce cooperation with Digital China, or Does this matter before the two sides had "communication."

From another point of view, the rumors also shows that Dell and HP's channel has entered the heated battle for the stage. The other news from the channel seems to be confirmed in this state. Channels to industry sources, HP in early April issued a circular to its agents, all Dell and non-performing, signing agent shall be given immediately stop supplier of severe penalties.

Hewlett-Packard this year, the channel task is to cover the city's 420 from last year to expand to 600, and "do dark" has covered the city's channel, who want to increase domestic market share of HP, the mean open up more channels was able to sell more computers. Had been operating under a direct sales model of Dell sales agent to join, the channel also attracts business to join.

As Digital, Ingram Micro, Synnex, ECS and other distributors hold the hands of a group of channel business resources, and limited resources for the manipulator PC, so, PC manufacturers compete for spread of the distributor channel.

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Precise, accurate, precise GIS successful in distant

Why Shenzhou VI capsule landed in the vast Gobi, the only 22 minutes, search and rescue forces able to reach the scene accurately?

Why do major media for reprinting the images Everest altimeter, and television stations Everest altimeter three-dimensional images so realistic presentation?

In other countries, no large-scale harvesting of duty, how the irrigation machine is running?

Why are huge farm just a few people can manage?

Behind these questions, have a GIS (Geographic Information System) support, it will concentrate the wide world to screen them for decision-making information at your fingertips.

Shenzhou VI, 22 minutes after landing

The smooth return of Shenzhou VI spacecraft is to China in 2005 one of the most important news events, major media have given a very high concern, Shenzhou VI return link in the victory, GIS system for search and rescue decision-making played an important supporting role.

According to news agency Xinhua, the Shenzhou VI spacecraft was at 4:33 on October 17, 2005 landed safely in Inner Mongolia's vast prairies, 22 minutes later, 4:55, search and rescue forces in helicopters arrived at the landing site, to find re-entry capsule of the Shenzhou VI flight to draw a satisfactory conclusion.

In the command hall, big-screen animation that shows the return capsule, rescue helicopters, rescue vehicles between the location and local terrain, these are exactly the same with the situation on the ground.

It is understood that, due to uncertainty about the scope landing capsule, it may be in the vast grassland, jungle, more likely to be in the vast expanse of the ocean. Therefore, in order to ensure the astronauts and the return cabin safety, rescue forces on the one hand experienced, trained personnel, on the other hand, should be able to understand the first spacecraft information.

When the spacecraft began to return, the search and rescue forces have used various types of instruments and equipment to detect, track the capsule to determine the specific location of the landing and after the geographical coordinates from the ground, the air over the direction of the scene.

Search and rescue forces to use the full name of the system is called "the main task of the manned space flight landed field search and rescue decision support system", is based on the domestic development of geographic information system platform, the latest version of MAPGIS. Its role is to spacecraft landing, the visual indication of the return capsule and rescue forces position and state of motion, for the leaders to provide decision-making, in order to find the shortest possible time capsule.

According to GIS platform providers - in the way the digital market, the person in charge, in order to better support the completion of Shenzhou VI capsule of the search and rescue mission, in the manner provided a total of four sets of digital software, which used to launch two large hall screen monitor, a monitoring station installed in the field landed, another set installed in the main search and rescue vehicle.

Earlier, in the way digital-founder Professor Wu Xincai interview also said that in the end of July 2005, early in August when the company had sent over to a 4-member panel, has two Daoda Xichang Satellite Launch Center for Xie Tiao test and in accordance with the requirements of the Test Center, conducted a number of changes to the system, enabling the system to support the three-dimensional graphics presentation.

The spacecraft to return process because the system has been installed on the landing site remote sensing data and terrain topography data, so in return capsule Zhu Jian landing, the spacecraft's landing point and the instantaneous state of theoretical orientation Xinhao sent to search through the monitoring and control system, decision support system which .

The data provided by GPS, the system can simultaneously receive search and rescue helicopters and search and rescue vehicle position signal, the information processing through the system software, and immediately to the Control Center directly reflect the hall screen.

3D image shows the same conditions and reality, headquarters to make decisions based on these information in a timely manner. As the spacecraft's gradual decline, the system can also calculate the spacecraft's landing place, so that rescue forces to arrive as quickly as possible.

It is understood that after several return mission systems used to support only two-dimensional flat panel display, search and rescue system is Shenzhou VI is based in Xi'an Satellite Monitoring of Yaoqiujinxing the redevelopment, and improvement of the original system of three-dimensional and transfer speeds.

Adding a high degree of information, the command will be more intuitive, dynamic understanding of the location of helicopters and rescue vehicles, direction, speed, so that rescuers can return capsule's location at any time to adjust direction and course, as soon as possible after landing in the capsule to reach the landing point search and rescue work. This is also one of God several times in the past six rescue systems and space flight, the biggest difference.

Carrying a GPS to fertilization

The 13th district needs fertilizing, watering needs of the area 9, 4, is the harvest of maize xx kg ... ..., this information can be displayed on the computer screen through the map to access to information, which is the implementation of the system based on GIS precision agriculture lies its charm.

Prior to that, from the Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry is responsible, along with a number of units involved in the establishment of the Beijing Xiaotangshan fine agricultural demonstration base, in order to more clearly understand the project, to interview participants at the project - Modern Precision Agriculture, China Agricultural University System Integration Research Laboratory Associate Professor Liu Gang, told reporters about the base of the building of this story.

Precision agriculture is the earliest concept of Digital Earth decomposed by means of information technology support on the basis spatial variability, positioning, timing and quantitative Shi Shi Yizheng Tao Xian Daihua Agricultural Technique and Technique management system, its technical support primarily through the 3S ( GPS, Global Positioning System; GIS, geographic information systems; RS, remote control systems) to achieve.

By these means, will affect crop yields and crop production, environmental factors (such as soil structure, fertility, topography, climate, pests and diseases) and the actual existence of space, time, integrated information, within the scope of their impact on production of small reasons for the differences, then take appropriate control measures.

This approach changed the traditional agricultural area of the sample, the average investment of the disadvantages of the implementation of demand for crop cultivation and management inputs, including precise planting, precise fertilizer, precision irrigation and accurate harvest these links.

"In the past, we can only village in the land under the circumstances, the management proposals accordingly, but because of geographical large area, providing the recommended target relatively poor. Because in many villages Zhong, Xing block the difference is very large, some may Village South is the black earth, sand north of the village turned into the land. "Gang, for example.

Xiaotangshan agricultural demonstration base a total area of 2462 mu, of which 1944 mu cultivated area, the project's geographic information system is developed from scratch.

"At that time, we get the location information only with a printed map, the map above is an area marked out for the establishment of precision agriculture demonstration bases Xiaotangshan position, without any digital information." Gang recalls.

Because geographic information system is the basis for precision agriculture, to complement these Shuozixinxi, such as Ren Gang began carrying GPS Shebei on a point, a point De Caiji data, sometimes a Zou is a day and, finally finally mastered the entire block of the border and scope.

In this way, through the location information for each data point collection, and gradually the model base region of digital, and digital information based on these will be carried out throughout the land re-planning.

In addition, with the aid of remote sensing Fei Ji, the first year of the sample completed all the land, the following years, also according to the situation and supplementary crop, especially in regions of high and low for Chan Liang measured boundary data.

With this geographic information, the distance of precision agriculture are a very big gap. Precision agriculture is the need to block the information to carry out a comprehensive planting, spraying, irrigation and a series of agricultural practices, serve to reduce pollution, save costs and increase economic efficiency.

Therefore, the collection of soil, biological information has become a focus of the work of the second step, both of which include soil moisture, nutrients, conductivity, even including a water plant nutrients, pests and other information. These data are still relying on manual collection on the one hand, on the other hand using spectral remote sensing and ground planes, etc. to carry out.

"We have done experiments, deliberately place a regional pest, through remote sensing to identify the aircraft, obtained satisfactory results." Gang, said. Aircraft remote sensing data obtained with the normal crop data to compare, they will be able to draw information on crop pests and diseases encountered, and promptly reflected in the systems.

According to Liu Gang describes the model-based very high degree of precision, especially for the control of location information, the staff at work, such as spraying of pesticides is to bring GPS positioning after operation.

Because of the location information with GPS irrigation machine is automatically scheduled in accordance with the system of lines for irrigation, especially harvester, it can be a real-time statistical information for each second harvest. This information will be displayed in the GIS systems, the clear demonstration of the production information of each block.

While these automated operation reduces labor costs, on the other hand, also provides a number of demonstration bases for research data.

According to Liu Gang introduction, the length of 430 meters, automatic irrigation machines to large GIS system based location information automatically move, according to irrigation needs of a region.

"The research shows that more is not put fertilizer, growing crops, the better. If the excessive use of fertilizers will not only increase costs, but also serious environmental pollution. Our experiments is the hope that through geographic information system, location information, crop information, soil information and other aspects of information comprehensive, final value and output value put to find the best ratio between. "Gang told reporters," The purpose of precision agriculture is to improve efficiency on the one hand, the other is through proper fertilization reduce environmental pollution. "

Besides Beijing, China launched a large area in many parts of the practice of precision agriculture operations, such as the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps in the northeast and other regions in developing GIS-based model system of precision agriculture.

More intuitive to Everest altimeter

2005 Everest retest is China's second high Mount Everest in 1975, published 30 years later, again on Everest for the national elevation measurement and significance broad impact. But how to make people not only enjoy the splendor of the world's first peak, but also understand how the measurement is conducted?

For example, can make you understand what mountain line? Measuring point in Everest located? Peak list of small hills in the scene is? How can this measurement into a popular event, so that the image of ordinary people to understand how mapping is all about?

For these purposes, the National Basic Geographic Information Center and Beijing Lingtu Software professional and technical personnel was discussed that the three-dimensional simulations can be achieved.

Using three-dimensional Geographic Information System software to real GIS data, outlined by three-dimensional technology to the real mountain climbers road map, peak height measurement of Mount Qomolangma Schematic of the camp distribution, terrain characteristics, and from the azimuth angle of rotation switch on the Everest region for the true reproduction of the landscape.

March 31, 2005, Lingtu official to the 2005 height determination of the project to provide technical support. Lingtu company with independent intellectual property rights with a three-dimensional visualization of geographic information system software VRMap center for the national fundamental geographic information system developed three-dimensional simulation and measurement of Mount Qomolangma site acquisition, presentation, such as three-dimensional material to provide appropriate technical support and consulting services .

Early in April, VRMap GIS system based on three-dimensional demonstration system synthesis is completed, and all the media began to provide three-dimensional model and three-dimensional map data output effects.

In mid-April, the company decided to go to Everest Lingtu base camp, mainly because a lot of information after the historical image data 20,30 years ago, as the Everest region and the geological changes of the Himalayas, and many topographical features and past the intersection of place, some changes have taken place. In fact, to the base camp was informed of the news to confirm this.

There are several previous high set in the intersection test has been caused by the Rongbuk Glacier movement rolling stone buried in the ground, so that the intersection of the original book can not find, and can only be re-arranged some of the new intersection.

This case, the intersection of output under the original image to the media, errors may occur, but 30 years ago, the true image and the actual film will have quite different view.

To ensure data accuracy and authenticity of images. Lingtu the scene of the Working Group decided to set up Mount Everest, by the Assistant General Manager Mr. Li Hong (an amateur mountain climbing enthusiasts, ham radio, GPS / GIS enthusiasts) as its head, in person at the Everest base camp, direct access first-line information site.

By Shide's Jishu data to be Tuxiang and demonstration system for correcting Gongzuo, measured Gao global Guanxinzhufeng people to provide accurate information.

Decision Everest trip plan, the Working Group began to prepare a variety of equipment to Everest, including the ability to respond to low temperature, high-altitude environment, laptops, satellite phones, GPS, car / handheld radio, video equipment, road tune collection equipment.

Everest because of the special geographical and climatic conditions, cold and oxygen, volatile, dangerous everywhere. Many members of the team because there is no high-altitude adaptation without experience, the project team are purchasing large quantities of high altitude medicine to prepare for contingencies.

April 29, the project team and two cars loaded with equipment, embarked in Tibet began.

April 30, the team to the Da Xining; May 1, in Xining for auto repair, maintenance; May 2, over Riyue Mountain, Qinghai Lake, the team reached Golmud.

May 3, from Golmud to Lhasa in advance, along the Tibetan antelope has been a nature reserve. After noon arrival Wudaoliang, all the way up to reach more than 5 pm Tanggula mouth, drivers have different responses, which replaced Li driving a car. 7, after more than one line to Amdo, because I heard some of the road ahead is not of snow, through the night too dangerous and decided to stay to more than 4800 meters above sea level over the security of the depot.

The two drivers and accompanied by the strong reaction of high altitude photography, Li quickly arranged for them to body temperature, medicine, observation of disease.

May 4, 8 starting point from Amdo depot, along the road conditions are very poor, about 7 to Lhasa urban area; May 5, in Lhasa, rest and maintenance, as a vehicle to enter the base camp area is limited by the project team Surveying and Mapping Bureau of Everest in Tibet handled special permit.

May 6, 318 National Road because of road, take bypass Yangbajain, turning winter Raj pass, after moving to Dazi, 20:00 reach an elevation of 4050 meters of Lazi.

May 7, starting as early as 6:00 to Everest base camp from Lazi embarked as a car crashes on the road until 20:40 or so before reaching the Rongbuk, 9 of them finally into the camp of Mount Qomolangma.

8 May morning, the Working Group and the National Lingtu first Geodetic Survey and Mapping Office team captain Yue Jianli and other leaders had to communicate and listen to the leading three-dimensional model for the Everest a number of changes and requirements. As the high altitude, altitude sickness entourage of more obvious, and 5200 meters of base camp is not suitable stay for long pull. Collective decision was the first major troop withdrawal, Li, photography, and a driver first evacuated down of rest, waiting-hoisting plan identifies.

As the punching and ejection of postponements, May 13 at Tingri and Everest altimeter communicate commander Zhang Yanping, after work, on May 14, Li returned to base camp.

16:00 more time, Li and mountaineers to communicate that, the original intersection point not found, then the re-establishment of the new intersection. By mapping the intersection of the new members of GPS location information described in the original location of the intersection was the scene correction, and the model based on these data, a number of amendments.

May 15 morning, the Working Group adopted the amendments Lingtu the intersection after the data, and on-site by building climbers camp situation, re-draw the road map out of the mountain, the camp location map diagram intersection, and through maritime satellite to the Beijing company These amendments to the information returned from Beijing to help colleagues to make changes on the three-dimensional model, and in a timely manner to the media released the latest version of the information.

May 16, Li bring equipment up to climb from base camp, on the intersection of changes in position on-site verification.

Upon completion of the entire model of the amendment, correction tasks, Li and his entourage began to leave the base camp on the 17th, embarked on the road back to Beijing, Chengdu, 26, arrived after the return flight back to Beijing.

Have applied to the development of

In fact, in addition to the three applications based on GIS systems, the geographic information system industries in our country which has gradually been widely used up. Such as the introduction to the software the number of municipal, engineering investigation and other applications, Mapinfo GIS system introduced municipal pipe network, tax, coal mine safety production applications, the spirit of the three-dimensional mapping software such as urban planning system, have been running all over the country.

September 2005, the Chinese Association of Geographic Information Systems released the third time in Beijing, geographic information system project selection excellent results.

December 31, 2005, interview of GIS Association of China Secretary-General Yu Yongchang, he told reporters that three years from the selection results, the current GIS system in our country plays a prominent role among the 17 areas, including: basic geographic information applications, urban management, land resources management, power and transportation.

Yu Yongchang previously served as deputy director of the National Mapping Bureau for many years, he thought, application effect is to promote the development of GIS industry forward driving force, which has been the development of GIS by the verification process.

From the "human" to "GIS system"

In order for journalists to understand more clearly the definition of GIS systems, Yu Yongchang people, for example, a reporter made a vivid metaphor.

He believes, GIS geographic information system should include the following: the data source (the things on earth), access to means of transport links, background computer systems, software, applications, and several other aspects of the output.

According to this definition, people can be seen as a GIS system, people get information through various senses, reflecting the brain processes the information after the nerves pass from the hands and legs, into real action.

"For example, my original driver, in his brain had a map, guiding him every day in accordance with established travel routes. However, this information can not be easily shared with others, and GIS can do this." Yu Yongchang to reporters cited one such example.

GIS system is also gradually as technology evolved, from the "eyes" of the development of the "brain" of progress, they finally evolved into the current GIS system. Including 18 aircraft and aerial photography early 19th century the emergence of the first computer in 1946 the invention of the first artificial satellite into space in 1957, 1963, the Internet, and early 20th century, the laser ranging technologies.

These technologies to become a computer brain, the nervous system into the Internet, the eyes become satellites, a series of changes makes the GIS system to more truly reflect the human activities, share information.

"Did not expect to have today's development"

According to Yu Yongchang, China's geographic information systems in the late 80s to 90 late this stage, the main work is research satellite positioning applications, application development tests carried out to study the application of the work of the main demonstration.

In 1978, Wuhan University of Surveying and Mapping Professor Wang Zhizhuo proposed all-digital mapping theory, it became the earliest concept of geographic information.

1981, Centre for Remote Sensing Science and Technology Commission was established to enhance access to satellite information, the use of work; 1986, the Planning Commission, Chinese Academy of Sciences set up resources and environment geographic information systems laboratory; Planning Commission was established in 1989, mapping laboratory.

Working to promote a series of geographic information system on the study started, which play an important role in pushing forward an initiative in 1983, the State Planning Commission, Science and Technology Commission approved the establishment by the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping the nation's first public basic geographic 1:1000000 information database, and also proposed to obtain the tools of geographic information, that is, the traditional means of digital mapping reform.

"At the time, just know that public infrastructure has been established abroad, the geographical information database, but how it created value, we did not know." Yu Yongchang recalls.

So, how in the country after the establishment of the system as soon as possible to push the application, has become the focus of Yu Yongchang have been considering the issue. In 1991, Yu Yongchang visit after returning to the State Department told the ongoing transformation of office automation systems, he thinks this is a good opportunity to promote the system application.

This proposal was quickly adopted, and named the 9202 project - the establishment of comprehensive conditions based on the system of geographical information system, first used in flood prevention and relief. Currently the system has been upgraded to the fourth generation in China based on its established e-government spatial decision support system, to achieve disaster prevention, mitigation, land resources monitoring role.

Construction of public infrastructure than 1:1000000 geographic information database, mapping the traditional means of promoting the work of the resistance to reform is even greater, because there was no one to understand the purpose of transformation.

Yu Yongchang remember, digital mapping system during the process of transformation, a person in charge of Shaanxi Bureau of Surveying and Mapping has pointed Yu Yongchang nose asked: "You told me so in the end the purpose of reform is to what?!"

That withstand such pressure and do not understand, in 1996, seven provinces and cities of Surveying and Mapping Authority of the computer system to achieve the transformation of traditional mapping methods.

Lian Yu Yongchang not thought that the transformation has just completed half of a series of geographic information systems on the digital mission will come one after another, for example, GIS data processing for urban projects, including the city survey, cadastral data sorting and other tasks. A mapping team captain later told Yu Yongchang, said: "Fortunately, you had to listen to a systematic transformation, or else do not know how these tasks to complete."

For GIS in-depth life

Basic geographic information database 1:1000000 public gradually applied in all walks of life, for the development of GIS has laid a solid foundation. After 2000, GIS research turned to China to establish digital basic geographic framework in the hope that China's Geographical, ecological, social and environmental into everyone can see, everyone can use the resource, and that such a system sub- to 4: Digital China, Digital cities, digital city, digital community.

This plan was made, Yu Yongchang, who has not found the appropriate model as a reference, but until this year in September to visit the East after the project to find the true model.

"Before, only a small area GIS, single business area, but this item, Dongcheng District, people and events of community among all of them on the GIS system as a tool to improve government functions." Application of the system Let Yu Yongchang very excited.

Yu Yongchang, Dongcheng District, described is the use of GIS in urban management in the technical ideas to 10,000 square meters as the basic unit, the Dongcheng District, an area of 25.38 square kilometers of area divided into 1652 grid cells. By the urban management unit supervisor in charge of the implementation of the monitoring, implementation of the management of space to achieve stratified, hierarchical, region-wide management approach.

With this geographic information, Dongcheng District, Hai Ba urban objects as urban parts management, will be the region's municipal infrastructure, management facilities, transport facilities, greening urban parts of all facilities in accordance with different functions, divided into six categories 56 kinds of 168 339, each components are reflected in management systems.

Yu Yongchang, frankly admitted in the country already has a lot of GIS applications, the development of the state is still very uneven, especially in the nationwide application of zonal distribution shows the characteristics of the region, the Association and the community for the GIS System Promotion is very important task, from start to adapt to the needs of people, so that GIS system into a tool for socialization.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fast roaming Illustrator 10 (1)

Adobe Illustrator10 publishing, multimedia, and online images of industry-standard vector graphics software. Whether the production line of printing and publication draft of the designer, in a professional illustrator packaging design, production and multimedia images of the artist, or the Internet page or online publication of the producer, using Adobe Illustrator provides breakthrough, creative election items and powerful tool will be able to perfect and realize their design intent, provide unlimited creative space.

If you want to know Illustrator10, you can follow the step by step examples described below, such as (Figure 1) shows, on a quick roaming Illustrator10 initial Illustrator10 feel the power.

Figure 1, the finished work drawing

The first step: Creating graphics files

Before the drawing graphics, need to use the work, create a new file.

Click the File (file) menu in the New (new) command or press the shortcut key Ctrl + N, you can pop-up New Document (New File) dialog box, such as (Figure 2) shows.

Figure 2 Document (new file) dialog box

In the dialog box's Name (file name) text box enter the new file name for the "roaming"; in Artboard Setup (Sketchpad settings) option bar, set the Size (size) for the Custom (custom), Width (W ) and Height (H) is the 480pt; in Color Mode (Color Mode) option bar and select CMYK color mode.

Set is complete, click OK (OK) button to create a new canvas size of 480 脳 480pt the CMYK color mode of drawing files.


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Simon Leung: restart the economic engine

People talk about this economic crisis sweeping the globe, while more from the crisis began to explore ways to tap the opportunity, and then restart the economic engine. At present, to restart the economy, in addition to re-establish confidence, and to return to healthy financial system, the more important is to make our economy back on driving by the innovation and productivity to enhance the correct path, rather than relying on lending and commercial lending hype-driven.

Innovation is the new technology, new products, new services, incubator. In this regard, IT is the most typical driving force of innovation, you can continue to nurture new business models, to broad and deep impact on traditional industries.

I think, on the full use of IT will be the key to help restart the economic engine one. The reason is that the main driving forces of the economy back on track will come from innovation, and IT technology will drive innovation. Over the past one hundred years the history of the global economic downturn, we found that innovation in all previous economic remodeling plays an important role. For example, the Great Depression of 1928, after the automobile, electronics, aerospace industry, represented by the new round of economic growth triggered; in the 70s last century, the economic recession, the Rockefeller and Carnegie, use, respectively, oil refining and steel smelting of new techniques, as oil and steel industry supremacy. In a recent eight-nineties of the last century, IT has created what we call the "new economy" myth, although the beginning of this century suffered the difficulties of the Internet bubble burst and challenges, IT, telecommunications, Internet technology now in the world economy people's daily life stage and indispensable.

The global financial crisis is still spreading, but businesses have started looking for the storm of new technology, new growth points, which strive to revive the economy ahead of the ladder after the station. The IT industry just can all the technical, managerial and operational innovation to provide unlimited energy. This huge energy enterprises and the state at least through the release of two levels:

Enterprises, IT can reduce expenditure and raise revenue to help both companies, "restart" business, manufacturing opportunities.

First, now the face of unfavorable economic situation, many companies are committed to maintaining low debt and low expenses, hoping to ride out the winter. Microsoft has taken some appropriate measures. For example, we use industry-leading "unified communications" technology combines a variety of means of communication, bringing people from different places of the Microsoft staff to achieve smooth communication and collaboration anytime and anywhere, dramatically reducing the cost of staff travel.

For those who wish to overcome the crisis, or in 缁忔祹 warmer Xunsuhuifu competitive edge, to accelerate development of 浼佷笟 it, IT value of more reflected in allows them to accelerate innovation, Tishengyeji performance, Jin Er Shang turn crises into opportunities - 20 centuries since the early 80s, personal computers, Internet and broadband has completely changed the competitive dynamics of various industries and business model, which requires several months or even longer to process through the traditional economy was now just a few minutes get through, and Internet-based e-commerce platform for execution is to be greatly reduced. Now, a laptop computer to be powerful than the original mainframe; today's smart phones than personal computers 10 years ago to be strong. That is why in this difficult time, Microsoft will not reduce the R & D each year to reach nine billion U.S. dollars into the reasons. In the traditional economic system rapidly to digital and information technology of today, no doubt full of energy release of IT help enterprises quickly build and strengthen their innovation capabilities.

Second, IT technology has amplified the role of restarting the economy. Compared with other industries in IT and related industries into more employment opportunities can be increased. In the U.S., transportation, energy, water and other fields into one billion U.S. dollars, will create 18,000 jobs; invested in IT one billion U.S. dollars, can create 31,000 jobs. In China, the newly launched 3G services will be directly or indirectly created 300,000 jobs. According to IDC research report, and the 2007 Microsoft global ecosystems in the global total of 14.7 million to create job opportunities, Microsoft and its partners in China's ecological system composed of the relevant IT professionals a total of over 161 million people, accounting for about IT practitioners 38% of the total number; and 2008, the eco-system in China, including infrastructure, personnel, marketing and business development and other aspects of the investment is expected to more than 22.3 billion yuan; Microsoft to create one yuan per revenue with Microsoft Other companies will create a total income of 16.89 yuan.

Judging from the national level, IT or information technology and industrialization in China to accelerate integration, and promote value-added traditional industries and upgrade the structure of the key driving force. "Of" the integration will greatly enhance the innovation performance, developed a new, harder alternative mode of economic development. In my opinion, "two of" integration, industrial evolution of the essence, through the art of IT technology to give traditional Qi Ye Yi stronger core competitiveness, its Buzhou Qiangcongtisheng China's Zhi Li Zhi Zaoye value Kaishi, Dao Gou Jian the with Chinese characteristics, knowledge-based economy until the new system.

In short, whether the government or as a basic element of national enterprises, should make better use of IT technology to release their own infinite potential, and thus help the economy bottom out into the future.


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Monday, July 26, 2010

Huawei Harbour end of the "son" are killing a man and shake hands with Li Ren Zhengfei

After 5 years, Huawei Harbour submission. In 5 years, the subject thinks highly of love will be the most lethal of the "traitors", the old mother daughter turned hostile for the most hard-line opponents. 5-year race to contest, when the smoke cleared, one man re-Li Ren Zhengfei stand "second handshake", the people can not help but lament that everything is clutch of the dead, the fate of this cycle of retribution.

Acquisition of Harbour's true intentions

Reality is always beyond the imagination of the richest people. In the absence of any sign of the case, Harbour Networks and Huawei jointly announced on June 6, on the transfer of part of Harbour Networks assets, business and part of the personnel and Huawei reach agreement and sign a memorandum of intent. Under the MOU, the transfer of assets and businesses, including routers, Ethernet switches, optical networking, integrated access to the assets, personnel, business and all business-related intellectual property rights, Huawei will be his most tenacious rival in the bag.

On the acquisition, insiders believe that common sense never even put out signs Zhengfei who also "incredible." Huawei, a year-round in those engaged in IP research and development, told reporters: "Harbour and Huawei 3COM little business overlap. Can not imagine how they exist. As DSLARM, Huawei to hold the largest share of the domestic market, there was no need to buy the bay DSLARM product line. "He believes that the company development and business integration should not harbor the real reason for the acquisition of Huawei.

"The real reason is to make a man of Harbour Lee disappeared." Huawei and Harbour have a work-off those surnamed Zou Ren Zhengfei understanding of the acquisition of such behavior. He told reporters that harbor both the technology or the market for Huawei's no big threat, but its internal staff Huawei is very strong psychological impact. "From the before and after Huawei out of more than 3,000 employees, a large proportion of them are choosing a business, most of Huawei's technology is also used to simulate the operation of Huawei. Which is doing the largest harbor. If Harbour ultimate success, or listed, or is sold to foreign high that China will have an enormous demonstration effect man. Huawei to know a lot of older employees, their hands have enough venture capital and technology. "

He graduated from Huazhong University of juvenile classes Huawei Li and a man has been regarded highly: two days he was promoted to engineer, was promoted to senior engineer two weeks, six months, he served as vice president of the central data, two years later became president of the Central Research Department, and the total Huawei Engineer, 4 years, 27 years old, he became the youngest vice president of Huawei. This upgrade has made many people speculate on the speed a man could be Zhengfei Lee's successor.

Lee on the status of a man in the sun at high noon, when Huawei, 2000, 30-year-old Li Huawei shares with a man by clearing more than 1,000 million and dividends of the founder of Harbour Networks Equipment Co., Ltd., a Huawei data communications in the enterprise market, the main rival one. Then he went away and dug up the Huawei Shi Hai more than 100 top R & D and sales staff.

Perhaps it is a man and Harbour Networks Lee "demonstration effect", many people start their own business from Huawei. Jun Tian Huang Yaoxu of technology, whether or Liu Ping in the Green Knight, the company Huawei to fight for their own systems development space, have started direct competition with Huawei.

Ren Zhengfei, in a conversation just open the internal records of the case at the time recalled: "Huawei then filled with an unhealthy trends, the early capital shouting slogans is dirty, in droves, driven by speculation in the risk , co-hand stole the company's technical secrets and commercial secrets, as glorious as it is really surging, so Huawei shaky. "" You go, we quickly broke down when left alone as long as people in Huawei, are considered very strange, as if the person did not leave the Huawei, but is not normal. "

Huawei implemented the strongest on the Harbour fire attacks. Huawei staff say, once and c isco Huawei joint bid, as long as the Harbour to join, c isco quit immediately, because Harbour and Huawei can hit the three discount. And Harbour bid, even if the penny does not make Huawei also won. Harbour under the strong pressure from competitors, with Huawei's intellectual property disputes, the situation of the growing difficulties, the loss of market opportunities and, after the acquisition by Siemens, Huawei finally incorporated. "Ren Zhengfei let everyone see the betrayal of Huawei are one of the most tragic ending." The people surnamed Zou said.

It has been likened to Zhengfei swordsman, a man likened to Lee scholar. However, neither knight Ren Zhengfei, Lee and a man nor a scholar, they are businessmen, their behavior must first meet the business logic. In the acquisition, due to Li and a man lost control of the harbor, there is no choice. And Ren Zhengfei, in addition to warning followed the attempt to further a man who Lee, but also gain what?

"Destroy a competitor, to avoid future Yanghuweihuan." Huawei believe the foregoing.

In terms of scale, the harbor is far from Huawei's rivals, but it improved technology development and product lines are not without merit. Harbour is known as "Little Huawei" has been fund called "a rare good projects," not without reason. To some extent, is the fund's growing push into the harbor far, Huawei has increasingly become a scourge.

This is an internal conversation in Zhengfei most frequently mentioned: "Of course the real initiator of the West of funds, these funds in the U.S. IT bubble burst in the defeat, turned to China, to the hollowing out of Huawei Technologies, Huawei to steal intangible wealth accumulation to out of their predicament. "" use your competitors to restrict Huawei, we are faced with the fund even more pressure on competitors. "

Harbour again by the Fund if the investment and continue to support, or a successful listing, or any similar foreign investors to acquire Siemens Harbour, Huawei is to be a very bad news. However, these "if" do not become a reality. The reality is that funds are anxious to get rid of cash, can not wait listed or sold except Huawei Harbour outside of any business. Zhengfei eaten Harbour, neat, avoiding dark and dreary.

Li Huawei, a man back?

Some people think that means Ren Zhengfei Harbour regression Huawei Li and a man with a smile sip allies and enemies, but the reality really is so logical that it?

Huawei and Harbour signing, Lee and a man inside the Harbour staff sent a message. Lee M wrote: "As management, in particular, I respect the knowledge and skills gaps, leading to the development of the corporate strategy and internal management are many limitations on, missed the business development opportunities, to live up to the Da Jia right I expectations, felt deep remorse on this. "" Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in China. Huawei said that after integration, a genuine desire to give you adequate room for career development and incentive programs. "

Paper, and a man to defeat Lee's tone always be honest with his own fault and responsibility, to convey the former Huawei employees of the harbor treatment commitments. As president of the acquired business, he can say only these, he will also be the future location of Huawei to decide.

Ren Zhengfei such internal conversations about the places the question: "On behalf of EM T team will sincerely deal with this problem, do not worry about calculating that you will give your arrangement a reasonable job, not just a few, but all . "" Do not look at eyes, do not carry too heavy in the past, look to the future, look at the development. In the long river of history a bit contradictory, some differences are understandable, parallels in the nature of history is the law, if one law into a heavy burden, can not be made big in. "Ren Zhengfei's position touching.

But a source close to Lee and a man who believes that a man's character to Lee, he returned to Huawei's highly unlikely. "His strong personality will not be controlled by people." The character with the same personality from his parted ways when Ren Zhengfei strong indications of this.

Origin and resentment with Huawei makes 6 years from Huawei Li Huawei, a man difficult to return to the determination of the next. 'Now is the fund-controlled harbor, if a man and led Lee, he would not sell it to sell Huawei. "The people surnamed Zou said." Huawei Li and a man running away is premeditated. Particularly early, is playing an inglorious role Harbour's. "2000 to 2001 by the major environmental impact, Huawei is not the economy, a number of Huawei staff Harbour instigation. And these people are related Huawei started research and development when many people are after the program well into the Harbour The. "In other words, they use the resources of Huawei work for the harbor. "" Later, with the technology, including Huawei's market grab, a man is hard to say Lee is not a defector. "

Born out of the harbor Huawei Huawei imitation from the start, but a man led by Lee Harbour in addition to several technical breakthroughs, others can not compete with Huawei.

"This is largely a male and Lee management capacity and lack the courage, and a man in this area are far less than Zhengfei Lee." Zou think so. He said: "The most typical of R & D investment. Huawei R & D on the implementation of the principle of pressure, as long as the sights of a project at the blood on local input, and sometimes even desperate. Harbour is on the R & D investment is not enough. But do not want to pay high salaries because in recruiting the best people, even attracting also failed to keep. 顒?Huawei and Harbour have worked Chow said Harbour pay only about 80% of Huawei.

Ren Zhengfei charm nor the leadership of Lee and a man can be compared. "Ren's speech very provocative, can quickly ignite our passion." "Lee and a man who spoke softly, sometimes take a little bit further, the last sentence on inaudible." Chow describes it. "Meanwhile Lee is also very hot-tempered man, not to listen. Such people may be willing to follow you first, as time goes by will think of leaving."

But not without advantages compared with Huawei Harbour. First, the Harbour from the high technology, Huawei has done the majority of staff are good. In addition, Lee was a technical genius and a man, his forward-looking issues such as technology trends have people impressed with the precision grasp.

"If there is no risk of the Fund's involvement, Lee and a man may not be so miserable." Zou think.

In 2001, the founding year of Harbour Networks, obtained with the background UBS Warburg Pincus and Co., Long Branch Shanghai's 61 million U.S. dollars venture capital venture capital funds, the China Pincus direct investment 53 million U.S. dollars, and the Harbour provided 35 million U.S. dollars of bank loan guarantees. Harbour to pay the price, the entrepreneur and a man Lee had to give up a 50% stake to Warburg Pincus, and thus beginning to face the pressure of capital cash, while Lee and a man began to lose the right to speak on the harbor's future.

"That is, since then, Harbour's product line quickly expanded so fast, people worry." "Some products do not make money, they take up a lot of R & D and capital." Chow said, in order to market as quickly as possible, Harbour rapid expansion. "Product development too soon, some products are not sure of our own. Once even been NEC's return." Impetuous atmosphere that permeated the company from top to bottom, and eventually become a fatal factor Harbour. "If you harbor no public pressure, but concentrate on doing some high-profit products, or the prospect of a good harbor." "Huawei is fierce competition not so much crushed the bay, as it is eager to cash in the Fund's desire to harm it . "Chow said.

For the employees, Harbour, Harbour come this far because a man is to return and Li Huawei's suspense not they care about most. They are to leave the harbor can be compensated for their anxiety. Harbour had boasted would be the most generous employees of listed companies. Lee is now a man will have to face the promise?

The internal conversation in Zhengfei said: "Your return to China is a contribution to the history of science. Not necessarily say you lose, we win, we should say we both won." This is perhaps Ren Zhengfei on Huawei and Harbour's most high-sounding interpretation of the story. What is life like I'm afraid the only person he can appreciate.


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