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Huawei Harbour end of the "son" are killing a man and shake hands with Li Ren Zhengfei

After 5 years, Huawei Harbour submission. In 5 years, the subject thinks highly of love will be the most lethal of the "traitors", the old mother daughter turned hostile for the most hard-line opponents. 5-year race to contest, when the smoke cleared, one man re-Li Ren Zhengfei stand "second handshake", the people can not help but lament that everything is clutch of the dead, the fate of this cycle of retribution.

Acquisition of Harbour's true intentions

Reality is always beyond the imagination of the richest people. In the absence of any sign of the case, Harbour Networks and Huawei jointly announced on June 6, on the transfer of part of Harbour Networks assets, business and part of the personnel and Huawei reach agreement and sign a memorandum of intent. Under the MOU, the transfer of assets and businesses, including routers, Ethernet switches, optical networking, integrated access to the assets, personnel, business and all business-related intellectual property rights, Huawei will be his most tenacious rival in the bag.

On the acquisition, insiders believe that common sense never even put out signs Zhengfei who also "incredible." Huawei, a year-round in those engaged in IP research and development, told reporters: "Harbour and Huawei 3COM little business overlap. Can not imagine how they exist. As DSLARM, Huawei to hold the largest share of the domestic market, there was no need to buy the bay DSLARM product line. "He believes that the company development and business integration should not harbor the real reason for the acquisition of Huawei.

"The real reason is to make a man of Harbour Lee disappeared." Huawei and Harbour have a work-off those surnamed Zou Ren Zhengfei understanding of the acquisition of such behavior. He told reporters that harbor both the technology or the market for Huawei's no big threat, but its internal staff Huawei is very strong psychological impact. "From the before and after Huawei out of more than 3,000 employees, a large proportion of them are choosing a business, most of Huawei's technology is also used to simulate the operation of Huawei. Which is doing the largest harbor. If Harbour ultimate success, or listed, or is sold to foreign high that China will have an enormous demonstration effect man. Huawei to know a lot of older employees, their hands have enough venture capital and technology. "

He graduated from Huazhong University of juvenile classes Huawei Li and a man has been regarded highly: two days he was promoted to engineer, was promoted to senior engineer two weeks, six months, he served as vice president of the central data, two years later became president of the Central Research Department, and the total Huawei Engineer, 4 years, 27 years old, he became the youngest vice president of Huawei. This upgrade has made many people speculate on the speed a man could be Zhengfei Lee's successor.

Lee on the status of a man in the sun at high noon, when Huawei, 2000, 30-year-old Li Huawei shares with a man by clearing more than 1,000 million and dividends of the founder of Harbour Networks Equipment Co., Ltd., a Huawei data communications in the enterprise market, the main rival one. Then he went away and dug up the Huawei Shi Hai more than 100 top R & D and sales staff.

Perhaps it is a man and Harbour Networks Lee "demonstration effect", many people start their own business from Huawei. Jun Tian Huang Yaoxu of technology, whether or Liu Ping in the Green Knight, the company Huawei to fight for their own systems development space, have started direct competition with Huawei.

Ren Zhengfei, in a conversation just open the internal records of the case at the time recalled: "Huawei then filled with an unhealthy trends, the early capital shouting slogans is dirty, in droves, driven by speculation in the risk , co-hand stole the company's technical secrets and commercial secrets, as glorious as it is really surging, so Huawei shaky. "" You go, we quickly broke down when left alone as long as people in Huawei, are considered very strange, as if the person did not leave the Huawei, but is not normal. "

Huawei implemented the strongest on the Harbour fire attacks. Huawei staff say, once and c isco Huawei joint bid, as long as the Harbour to join, c isco quit immediately, because Harbour and Huawei can hit the three discount. And Harbour bid, even if the penny does not make Huawei also won. Harbour under the strong pressure from competitors, with Huawei's intellectual property disputes, the situation of the growing difficulties, the loss of market opportunities and, after the acquisition by Siemens, Huawei finally incorporated. "Ren Zhengfei let everyone see the betrayal of Huawei are one of the most tragic ending." The people surnamed Zou said.

It has been likened to Zhengfei swordsman, a man likened to Lee scholar. However, neither knight Ren Zhengfei, Lee and a man nor a scholar, they are businessmen, their behavior must first meet the business logic. In the acquisition, due to Li and a man lost control of the harbor, there is no choice. And Ren Zhengfei, in addition to warning followed the attempt to further a man who Lee, but also gain what?

"Destroy a competitor, to avoid future Yanghuweihuan." Huawei believe the foregoing.

In terms of scale, the harbor is far from Huawei's rivals, but it improved technology development and product lines are not without merit. Harbour is known as "Little Huawei" has been fund called "a rare good projects," not without reason. To some extent, is the fund's growing push into the harbor far, Huawei has increasingly become a scourge.

This is an internal conversation in Zhengfei most frequently mentioned: "Of course the real initiator of the West of funds, these funds in the U.S. IT bubble burst in the defeat, turned to China, to the hollowing out of Huawei Technologies, Huawei to steal intangible wealth accumulation to out of their predicament. "" use your competitors to restrict Huawei, we are faced with the fund even more pressure on competitors. "

Harbour again by the Fund if the investment and continue to support, or a successful listing, or any similar foreign investors to acquire Siemens Harbour, Huawei is to be a very bad news. However, these "if" do not become a reality. The reality is that funds are anxious to get rid of cash, can not wait listed or sold except Huawei Harbour outside of any business. Zhengfei eaten Harbour, neat, avoiding dark and dreary.

Li Huawei, a man back?

Some people think that means Ren Zhengfei Harbour regression Huawei Li and a man with a smile sip allies and enemies, but the reality really is so logical that it?

Huawei and Harbour signing, Lee and a man inside the Harbour staff sent a message. Lee M wrote: "As management, in particular, I respect the knowledge and skills gaps, leading to the development of the corporate strategy and internal management are many limitations on, missed the business development opportunities, to live up to the Da Jia right I expectations, felt deep remorse on this. "" Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in China. Huawei said that after integration, a genuine desire to give you adequate room for career development and incentive programs. "

Paper, and a man to defeat Lee's tone always be honest with his own fault and responsibility, to convey the former Huawei employees of the harbor treatment commitments. As president of the acquired business, he can say only these, he will also be the future location of Huawei to decide.

Ren Zhengfei such internal conversations about the places the question: "On behalf of EM T team will sincerely deal with this problem, do not worry about calculating that you will give your arrangement a reasonable job, not just a few, but all . "" Do not look at eyes, do not carry too heavy in the past, look to the future, look at the development. In the long river of history a bit contradictory, some differences are understandable, parallels in the nature of history is the law, if one law into a heavy burden, can not be made big in. "Ren Zhengfei's position touching.

But a source close to Lee and a man who believes that a man's character to Lee, he returned to Huawei's highly unlikely. "His strong personality will not be controlled by people." The character with the same personality from his parted ways when Ren Zhengfei strong indications of this.

Origin and resentment with Huawei makes 6 years from Huawei Li Huawei, a man difficult to return to the determination of the next. 'Now is the fund-controlled harbor, if a man and led Lee, he would not sell it to sell Huawei. "The people surnamed Zou said." Huawei Li and a man running away is premeditated. Particularly early, is playing an inglorious role Harbour's. "2000 to 2001 by the major environmental impact, Huawei is not the economy, a number of Huawei staff Harbour instigation. And these people are related Huawei started research and development when many people are after the program well into the Harbour The. "In other words, they use the resources of Huawei work for the harbor. "" Later, with the technology, including Huawei's market grab, a man is hard to say Lee is not a defector. "

Born out of the harbor Huawei Huawei imitation from the start, but a man led by Lee Harbour in addition to several technical breakthroughs, others can not compete with Huawei.

"This is largely a male and Lee management capacity and lack the courage, and a man in this area are far less than Zhengfei Lee." Zou think so. He said: "The most typical of R & D investment. Huawei R & D on the implementation of the principle of pressure, as long as the sights of a project at the blood on local input, and sometimes even desperate. Harbour is on the R & D investment is not enough. But do not want to pay high salaries because in recruiting the best people, even attracting also failed to keep. 顒?Huawei and Harbour have worked Chow said Harbour pay only about 80% of Huawei.

Ren Zhengfei charm nor the leadership of Lee and a man can be compared. "Ren's speech very provocative, can quickly ignite our passion." "Lee and a man who spoke softly, sometimes take a little bit further, the last sentence on inaudible." Chow describes it. "Meanwhile Lee is also very hot-tempered man, not to listen. Such people may be willing to follow you first, as time goes by will think of leaving."

But not without advantages compared with Huawei Harbour. First, the Harbour from the high technology, Huawei has done the majority of staff are good. In addition, Lee was a technical genius and a man, his forward-looking issues such as technology trends have people impressed with the precision grasp.

"If there is no risk of the Fund's involvement, Lee and a man may not be so miserable." Zou think.

In 2001, the founding year of Harbour Networks, obtained with the background UBS Warburg Pincus and Co., Long Branch Shanghai's 61 million U.S. dollars venture capital venture capital funds, the China Pincus direct investment 53 million U.S. dollars, and the Harbour provided 35 million U.S. dollars of bank loan guarantees. Harbour to pay the price, the entrepreneur and a man Lee had to give up a 50% stake to Warburg Pincus, and thus beginning to face the pressure of capital cash, while Lee and a man began to lose the right to speak on the harbor's future.

"That is, since then, Harbour's product line quickly expanded so fast, people worry." "Some products do not make money, they take up a lot of R & D and capital." Chow said, in order to market as quickly as possible, Harbour rapid expansion. "Product development too soon, some products are not sure of our own. Once even been NEC's return." Impetuous atmosphere that permeated the company from top to bottom, and eventually become a fatal factor Harbour. "If you harbor no public pressure, but concentrate on doing some high-profit products, or the prospect of a good harbor." "Huawei is fierce competition not so much crushed the bay, as it is eager to cash in the Fund's desire to harm it . "Chow said.

For the employees, Harbour, Harbour come this far because a man is to return and Li Huawei's suspense not they care about most. They are to leave the harbor can be compensated for their anxiety. Harbour had boasted would be the most generous employees of listed companies. Lee is now a man will have to face the promise?

The internal conversation in Zhengfei said: "Your return to China is a contribution to the history of science. Not necessarily say you lose, we win, we should say we both won." This is perhaps Ren Zhengfei on Huawei and Harbour's most high-sounding interpretation of the story. What is life like I'm afraid the only person he can appreciate.


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Guard Li Gui-style "fraudsters"

Kaspersky Labs has discovered a service called "fraudsters" Trojan horse activities frequently, and many users are infected. "Fraudsters" Trojan horse usually linked through the website or to spread Trojan downloader. After that it will release a malicious program infected computers to desktop flashes and lure users to have a "computer poisoning" of the illusion, not only a "serious poisoning computer! To use legitimate Kaspersky antivirus remove virus!" Prompt, will allow the user to enter the registration number of mobile phone or PHS. Kaspersky Lab to remind the user, the page is a Trojan disguised making false Li Gui, if the user so-called "registration", not only can not remove the virus, will be deducted a certain the call. Moreover, the "fraudsters" Trojan will also collect the mac address of the infected computer, the number of statistics for infection, and tampering with the user's IE browser home page, to read a pornographic website.

Currently, Kaspersky has been able to successfully killing the horse, we recommend that you update the virus database for killing as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary losses.

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