Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guard Li Gui-style "fraudsters"

Kaspersky Labs has discovered a service called "fraudsters" Trojan horse activities frequently, and many users are infected. "Fraudsters" Trojan horse usually linked through the website or to spread Trojan downloader. After that it will release a malicious program infected computers to desktop flashes and lure users to have a "computer poisoning" of the illusion, not only a "serious poisoning computer! To use legitimate Kaspersky antivirus remove virus!" Prompt, will allow the user to enter the registration number of mobile phone or PHS. Kaspersky Lab to remind the user, the page is a Trojan disguised making false Li Gui, if the user so-called "registration", not only can not remove the virus, will be deducted a certain the call. Moreover, the "fraudsters" Trojan will also collect the mac address of the infected computer, the number of statistics for infection, and tampering with the user's IE browser home page, to read a pornographic website.

Currently, Kaspersky has been able to successfully killing the horse, we recommend that you update the virus database for killing as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary losses.

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