Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who in the "high absorption charge phone" incident lying

Sounds for the hang up, call back the past, he incurs less high Huafei ... ... the past few days, "the high absorption charge phone" by the network transmission and rendering, rapid fermentation in the crowd, diffusion. In fact, most mobile phone users, are frequently received inexplicable missed call, then anger, and even scary.

April 17, the Ministry of Industry and finally opened his way: After much investigation, the high cost of basic non-existent possibility of absorption, which is marketing the so-called lawless elements for the group call equipment, made fraudulent use of the Internet propaganda, the public should be Beware fooled.

According to Tianjin Communications Administration tracked, and online selling group call equipment in the equipment business contacts for the provision of a "smoking fee phone number" to call the test and found no production high deductions, and other requirements prepaid After the delivery of the equipment section, its behavior is similar to the previous telephone fraud.

Results of this investigation, the responsible Ministry of Industry and reminded by telephone suction that the situation back there is no possibility of basic, mainly certain lawless elements to promote the so-called group call equipment for fraudulent use of the Internet to do publicity, some of the media did not verified the report, reproduced, actually made for the lawless free of false advertising. Carter, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Command, said police anti-fraud expert Kim: "responsible Ministry of Industry and a fee of 65 smoke test numbers back the conclusions are not scientific, 'high suction fee' fraud does exist. "According to his many years of experience in the anti-fraud investigations, the phone rang soon as the aspiration of pegging fee fraud suspect groups and dens are concentrated in some cities in southern China, mostly illegal number" 15 "at the beginning.

While inside the self-proclaimed Zhang Wo De Deep Throat, is a communications business side of the competent authorities of the other side is the police anti-fraud experts, at first glance, the parties forward vigorously, consumers felt quite puzzled, in the end who to believe? One Jishu Shang not complex, "high suction fee telephone" problem, why would the authority of the department's "positive response" once they fall into a loss of "Rashomon" puzzle?

To ask this question, we must first understand what "sounds for phone." "Sounds for phone," the official name called "value-added business platform of pay", its mode of operation is this: through a device called a group of devices allocated automatically to mobile phone users dial "sounds for phone" appears in the user on the phone, usually an ordinary mobile phone number. Once back in this number, will be through one or more of the access switch, received higher pay phone outside, connected to a fee as high as several tens of dollars or even 100 yuan.

Now, "sounds for phone," no doubt have become a major nuisance, but embarrassing is that there is not even the right way to deal with. As a fraud, the public security departments go tube, but the public security departments to report to pursue the matter, and investigate only the case, can not fundamentally solve the problem. From the logic point of view, the most convenient for operators to investigate, but the operators did not investigate the power first, second, and these operators pay phone itself will split, split ratio is said to still high. So, let operators take the initiative to find ways to solve the problem, not the reality. Who is that in the end of the tube?

From the media "sounds for phone," reports the chain of interest, you can clearly see that repeated delays in monitoring the real reason, as the core institution of telecommunications services, mobile telecom service providers directly involved in the "sounds for phone" in the interests of the divided in: users are charged high the bill, in the interests of mobile operators and the top of the chain of service providers could be assigned to nearly 50% of all interests (March 25, "Harbin Daily"). It appears that "the people's mouth to eat soft, people took short-hand" is a bit too good. It is because of the existence of real economic benefits, mobile telecom operators only insincere, it is difficult to clearly illegal or suspected illegal to kill.

Such cases in the field of mobile telecommunications services is not uncommon. Prior to the issue of spam messages, carriers have an excuse to stall the technical issues. However, the central authority of the media exposure, it seems that all technical problems are gone, instantly effective against spam messages.

But now, telecom operators to provide solutions to the consumer received the phone, "Do not call back, send a message to confirm," and so on. But this is clearly unable to meet the public demands of corporate social responsibility. The public needs to know the contents of the at least include: telecom operators, in which commercial interests are involved? Attack "sounds for phone" is really the technical barrier? "Sounds for phone," the problem is already suspected of fraud? Call charges have been unlawfully deducted if should be doubled back to the consumer ... ...

No objective and impartial investigation, no convincing conclusion, the people will fall into "panic - question - anger - still panic," the vicious cycle of cognition. In accordance with previous media reports and insider Baoliao, "the high cost telephone smoking," why do it on their ways, because unscrupulous carriers involved in the spam messages and voice help desk company proceeds, in view of the state-owned monopoly telecom companies How can not but question? As for under the Ministry of Industry and hastily concluded, people naturally have to cross-examination, which is not in charge of the Lame, in strongly aside responsibility?

"You can deceive all the people some time, it can deceive some people all the time, but you can not deceive all the time all of the people." In the dissemination of information constantly Tou Ming, the Government is not only used to respond to public questions, it is particularly desirable as a management and decision-making to respond to question an indispensable part.

As for how to properly respond to public questions of this lesson, apparently government officials also need to learn a lot!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lead-Free: RoHS Directive maximum threshold?

July 1, the formal implementation of the EU RoHS directive, which marks the era of global lead-free electronics has come. Some experts even said that the EU RoHS directive is actually lead-free directive, as in the provision of six kinds of hazardous substances in the amount of lead in only the largest, known as the electronic industry, food, shows that lead-free electronic products can be able to across the EU RoHS directive critical threshold. Although China's household electrical appliance manufacturers have claimed to have achieved lead-free production, but experts have said the business information is incomplete, inaccurate, because lead-free is a systematic, not only is the product lead-free components, as well as welding process and process, not a word about all aspects of the constraints can be done.

Lead-free force costs by 20%

In the EU RoHS directive, the experts pointed out that the most critical is how to achieve lead-free, lead-free solder and flux of which is the electronics interconnection technology based materials, the field of electronic industry, "food substances", belonging to the middle of supporting products.

Lead-free solder before the tin alloy as solder materials have been used for thousands of years of history, which lead content of about 37%. In recent decades, with the increase in world output of electronics products, the annual production of solder on the rise every year. Taiwan for instance, in 2005 China's annual output of 10 tons solder than the nearly 18% in 2004, is expected to reach 15 million tons this year, market demand, annual growth rate of 15% -20%.

Is such an important accessory products, the EU RoHS directive can not be made of lead content of more than 1000 PPM, the former lead content in the alloy in a ratio of 37%, but then the ratio should not exceed one-thousandth. The country has also introduced earlier this year, China's RoHS directive, that is, "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Regulations", is also clear that the lead content of six kinds of hazardous substances.

The introduction of restrictions on law-related, no doubt so that domestic manufacturers and related lead-free solder electronics manufacturers have recognized the importance of lead-free, but according to Beijing Jin Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. of Dong Jingui Chairman introduced this year, despite the solder demand more than ten million tons, but the lead-free solder is only 45 million tons of output this year. Having said that, because the cost of lead-free solder than the average increase of 20% and therefore the lead-free solder Despite low production, but the gap between supply and demand is not great.

Interview some of the home appliances business, says that the current lead-free solder prior to purchase to meet the export requirements and domestic market products may slow a slow start, after all, "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control and Management Measures" to wait until next year, was first implemented in March.

Standards in order to solve the problem?

While with the knowledge about the development of our lead-free solder and developed rapidly, according to incomplete statistics, claimed that companies can produce lead-free solder in the 23 100 or so, but so many businesses, whether or not a unified technology standards to regulate and guide the work of lead-free solder?

It is understood that, in order to support the "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control and Management Measures" of the implementation of Ministry of Electronics Standardization Institute has made "lead-free solder systems engineering research" project, jointly lead-free solder R & D, production, use vendors conduct lead-free solder of the industrialization and standardization.

Lead-free solder to participate in the relevant standard-setting Mend chief engineer in the "China Electronics News" that reporters on the development of standards related to lead-free solders have been imminent, will not speak of the EU RoHS Directive has been implemented, China's "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Regulations, "Although only be implemented next year in March, but we must see the transformation of lead-free solders will be a result of systems engineering, not only solder in need of rehabilitation, as well as welding process and the process also needs reform, such as Wu Qian of welding high melting point melting point than usual, at least 35 degrees, if not transformation, affect the product's overall production.

There are also lead-free flux and supporting product development, etc., related to upstream, downstream, machine and other enterprises, to implement very long, certainly not 12 individual companies we have achieved such a lead-free production and management Simple.

A machine of anonymity says that the responsible person, the international, national lead of Qushi been unstoppable, Dan Popularization of machine companies lead the biggest problems in products is extensive, a total of 10,000 kinds of uses Ji components, suppliers of these components require a longer lead-free process.

Tens of thousands of lead-free devices with code conversion and certification work has been to the certification, materials, supporting, planning, purchasing, inventory, production, and technology and so great pressure. This complex situation, if there is no strong standards as a support, then the situation is really unthinkable.

To break through bottlenecks in the development of patent

We attach importance to lead-free technologies and standards, perhaps overlooked the lead-free intellectual property rights issues. Because lead-free electronic products has become an inevitable trend of world development, so over the past decade the development and application of lead-free solders have national attention. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and Japan Patent Office database to search information, lead-free solders have been more than 300 kinds of patents, which only released in Japan on nearly 200 kinds of patents, covering almost all the binary and ternary alloy consisting of elements Lead-free solder.

Mend said the situation means that if we could not have independent intellectual property rights developed lead-free solder, we lead the process in the future can only be controlled by others, not only technically, but also a further expenditure of patent fees.

In this case, our related companies have been early research and development in this area, and a breakthrough. In Beijing, Jin Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., for example, their lead-free solder alloy on the use of multiple approaches, and joined the rare earth elements, not only to ensure reliable welding degree, and a breakthrough in anti-oxidation, for which they have applied for a patent.

Taking into account the cost of lead-free solders, many companies have expressed willingness to use our proprietary lead-free solder, the reporter learned from the side, many manufacturers will be lead-free solders in recent years to expand production scale, as its market very large profit margins, according to experts, 1,000 tons of lead-free solder is about 100 million yuan in output value.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dell Digital denial distribution relationship with HP induced breakdown

May 6 morning news, for "Digital China for distribution of Dell home computer and was about to be repealed HP distribution rights," the rumors, Digital China has given an official denial yesterday, saying "the strategic relationship with HP has not changed" . HP and Dell did not comment on the news.

Digital China denies relationship with HP burst

Yesterday, news that HP will "reduce cooperation with Digital China", because the HP Digital computers in the distribution, while rival Hewlett-Packard recently began distribution - Dell home computer, the result is "HP very angry, "and reduce the co-operation" as punishment. "

According to the survey, this rumor originated from the April 22, when the anonymous user in an industry forum for the exchange of information on the post, said Dell home computer distributor Digital China, HP, "very angry, very serious consequences," "has started Digital destroy the agent of a home computer, Digital China is responsible for the original transfer to the Ingram area agency. "

In response to this rumor, Digital relevant people clearly said, "Digital China strategic partnership with HP has not changed, the two sides still maintain good cooperation."

Dell Digital China as a home computer distributors, primarily responsible for providing logistics platform and capital platform. Digital insiders say, God has code in April this year, the internal pledging conference announced the formation of a new department to the operation of Dell home computer.

Hewlett-Packard and Dell did not comment on the rumors.

HP, Dell, white-hot competition for channel

The three parties involved have, the most affected Digital China took the lead stand up "clarification", while the other two yet to comment, therefore, still can not determine whether HP is really the idea to repeal or reduce cooperation with Digital China, or Does this matter before the two sides had "communication."

From another point of view, the rumors also shows that Dell and HP's channel has entered the heated battle for the stage. The other news from the channel seems to be confirmed in this state. Channels to industry sources, HP in early April issued a circular to its agents, all Dell and non-performing, signing agent shall be given immediately stop supplier of severe penalties.

Hewlett-Packard this year, the channel task is to cover the city's 420 from last year to expand to 600, and "do dark" has covered the city's channel, who want to increase domestic market share of HP, the mean open up more channels was able to sell more computers. Had been operating under a direct sales model of Dell sales agent to join, the channel also attracts business to join.

As Digital, Ingram Micro, Synnex, ECS and other distributors hold the hands of a group of channel business resources, and limited resources for the manipulator PC, so, PC manufacturers compete for spread of the distributor channel.

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