Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dell Digital denial distribution relationship with HP induced breakdown

May 6 morning news, for "Digital China for distribution of Dell home computer and was about to be repealed HP distribution rights," the rumors, Digital China has given an official denial yesterday, saying "the strategic relationship with HP has not changed" . HP and Dell did not comment on the news.

Digital China denies relationship with HP burst

Yesterday, news that HP will "reduce cooperation with Digital China", because the HP Digital computers in the distribution, while rival Hewlett-Packard recently began distribution - Dell home computer, the result is "HP very angry, "and reduce the co-operation" as punishment. "

According to the survey, this rumor originated from the April 22, when the anonymous user in an industry forum for the exchange of information on the post, said Dell home computer distributor Digital China, HP, "very angry, very serious consequences," "has started Digital destroy the agent of a home computer, Digital China is responsible for the original transfer to the Ingram area agency. "

In response to this rumor, Digital relevant people clearly said, "Digital China strategic partnership with HP has not changed, the two sides still maintain good cooperation."

Dell Digital China as a home computer distributors, primarily responsible for providing logistics platform and capital platform. Digital insiders say, God has code in April this year, the internal pledging conference announced the formation of a new department to the operation of Dell home computer.

Hewlett-Packard and Dell did not comment on the rumors.

HP, Dell, white-hot competition for channel

The three parties involved have, the most affected Digital China took the lead stand up "clarification", while the other two yet to comment, therefore, still can not determine whether HP is really the idea to repeal or reduce cooperation with Digital China, or Does this matter before the two sides had "communication."

From another point of view, the rumors also shows that Dell and HP's channel has entered the heated battle for the stage. The other news from the channel seems to be confirmed in this state. Channels to industry sources, HP in early April issued a circular to its agents, all Dell and non-performing, signing agent shall be given immediately stop supplier of severe penalties.

Hewlett-Packard this year, the channel task is to cover the city's 420 from last year to expand to 600, and "do dark" has covered the city's channel, who want to increase domestic market share of HP, the mean open up more channels was able to sell more computers. Had been operating under a direct sales model of Dell sales agent to join, the channel also attracts business to join.

As Digital, Ingram Micro, Synnex, ECS and other distributors hold the hands of a group of channel business resources, and limited resources for the manipulator PC, so, PC manufacturers compete for spread of the distributor channel.

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