Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Simon Leung: restart the economic engine

People talk about this economic crisis sweeping the globe, while more from the crisis began to explore ways to tap the opportunity, and then restart the economic engine. At present, to restart the economy, in addition to re-establish confidence, and to return to healthy financial system, the more important is to make our economy back on driving by the innovation and productivity to enhance the correct path, rather than relying on lending and commercial lending hype-driven.

Innovation is the new technology, new products, new services, incubator. In this regard, IT is the most typical driving force of innovation, you can continue to nurture new business models, to broad and deep impact on traditional industries.

I think, on the full use of IT will be the key to help restart the economic engine one. The reason is that the main driving forces of the economy back on track will come from innovation, and IT technology will drive innovation. Over the past one hundred years the history of the global economic downturn, we found that innovation in all previous economic remodeling plays an important role. For example, the Great Depression of 1928, after the automobile, electronics, aerospace industry, represented by the new round of economic growth triggered; in the 70s last century, the economic recession, the Rockefeller and Carnegie, use, respectively, oil refining and steel smelting of new techniques, as oil and steel industry supremacy. In a recent eight-nineties of the last century, IT has created what we call the "new economy" myth, although the beginning of this century suffered the difficulties of the Internet bubble burst and challenges, IT, telecommunications, Internet technology now in the world economy people's daily life stage and indispensable.

The global financial crisis is still spreading, but businesses have started looking for the storm of new technology, new growth points, which strive to revive the economy ahead of the ladder after the station. The IT industry just can all the technical, managerial and operational innovation to provide unlimited energy. This huge energy enterprises and the state at least through the release of two levels:

Enterprises, IT can reduce expenditure and raise revenue to help both companies, "restart" business, manufacturing opportunities.

First, now the face of unfavorable economic situation, many companies are committed to maintaining low debt and low expenses, hoping to ride out the winter. Microsoft has taken some appropriate measures. For example, we use industry-leading "unified communications" technology combines a variety of means of communication, bringing people from different places of the Microsoft staff to achieve smooth communication and collaboration anytime and anywhere, dramatically reducing the cost of staff travel.

For those who wish to overcome the crisis, or in 缁忔祹 warmer Xunsuhuifu competitive edge, to accelerate development of 浼佷笟 it, IT value of more reflected in allows them to accelerate innovation, Tishengyeji performance, Jin Er Shang turn crises into opportunities - 20 centuries since the early 80s, personal computers, Internet and broadband has completely changed the competitive dynamics of various industries and business model, which requires several months or even longer to process through the traditional economy was now just a few minutes get through, and Internet-based e-commerce platform for execution is to be greatly reduced. Now, a laptop computer to be powerful than the original mainframe; today's smart phones than personal computers 10 years ago to be strong. That is why in this difficult time, Microsoft will not reduce the R & D each year to reach nine billion U.S. dollars into the reasons. In the traditional economic system rapidly to digital and information technology of today, no doubt full of energy release of IT help enterprises quickly build and strengthen their innovation capabilities.

Second, IT technology has amplified the role of restarting the economy. Compared with other industries in IT and related industries into more employment opportunities can be increased. In the U.S., transportation, energy, water and other fields into one billion U.S. dollars, will create 18,000 jobs; invested in IT one billion U.S. dollars, can create 31,000 jobs. In China, the newly launched 3G services will be directly or indirectly created 300,000 jobs. According to IDC research report, and the 2007 Microsoft global ecosystems in the global total of 14.7 million to create job opportunities, Microsoft and its partners in China's ecological system composed of the relevant IT professionals a total of over 161 million people, accounting for about IT practitioners 38% of the total number; and 2008, the eco-system in China, including infrastructure, personnel, marketing and business development and other aspects of the investment is expected to more than 22.3 billion yuan; Microsoft to create one yuan per revenue with Microsoft Other companies will create a total income of 16.89 yuan.

Judging from the national level, IT or information technology and industrialization in China to accelerate integration, and promote value-added traditional industries and upgrade the structure of the key driving force. "Of" the integration will greatly enhance the innovation performance, developed a new, harder alternative mode of economic development. In my opinion, "two of" integration, industrial evolution of the essence, through the art of IT technology to give traditional Qi Ye Yi stronger core competitiveness, its Buzhou Qiangcongtisheng China's Zhi Li Zhi Zaoye value Kaishi, Dao Gou Jian the with Chinese characteristics, knowledge-based economy until the new system.

In short, whether the government or as a basic element of national enterprises, should make better use of IT technology to release their own infinite potential, and thus help the economy bottom out into the future.


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