Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fast roaming Illustrator 10 (1)

Adobe Illustrator10 publishing, multimedia, and online images of industry-standard vector graphics software. Whether the production line of printing and publication draft of the designer, in a professional illustrator packaging design, production and multimedia images of the artist, or the Internet page or online publication of the producer, using Adobe Illustrator provides breakthrough, creative election items and powerful tool will be able to perfect and realize their design intent, provide unlimited creative space.

If you want to know Illustrator10, you can follow the step by step examples described below, such as (Figure 1) shows, on a quick roaming Illustrator10 initial Illustrator10 feel the power.

Figure 1, the finished work drawing

The first step: Creating graphics files

Before the drawing graphics, need to use the work, create a new file.

Click the File (file) menu in the New (new) command or press the shortcut key Ctrl + N, you can pop-up New Document (New File) dialog box, such as (Figure 2) shows.

Figure 2 Document (new file) dialog box

In the dialog box's Name (file name) text box enter the new file name for the "roaming"; in Artboard Setup (Sketchpad settings) option bar, set the Size (size) for the Custom (custom), Width (W ) and Height (H) is the 480pt; in Color Mode (Color Mode) option bar and select CMYK color mode.

Set is complete, click OK (OK) button to create a new canvas size of 480 脳 480pt the CMYK color mode of drawing files.


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